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Member's Obligations

The Member agrees that when using the Services, he/she will a) provide true, accurate and up-to-date information, and b) update his/her membership information when there are changes. Members undertake not to use the services in any way that disturbs public order, harasses 3rd parties and goes against general morality. Members may not make the services available to others or use them for commercial activities such as renting and selling.

Paid Membership

BUKİMDİR.NET The Biography Submission service is a service where visitors and members can post their personal resumes and a gallery of pictures/videos for promotional purposes on the site. Our Biography Application service offers 4 different service packages. These packages are: Free, Standard, Pro and Premium (VIP). In order to benefit from the Biography application services, the visitor sends the package and summary information selected through the application form to the approval of the editorial team Applicants are responsible for providing the requested information accurately and completely and keeping this information up to date throughout their membership. Visitors whose application form is accepted are contacted within 3 working days at the latest. The fee for the membership fee is accepted by bank transfer. does not ask members for your credit card number. The information required for the publication of the biography may be requested from the members whose membership process is accepted via e-mail or control panel. Membership applications that are not paid or do not share the required information within 5 business days following the membership application will be canceled. The publication period of all membership packages is limited to the period specified in the Membership Package. After the membership starts broadcasting and expires, the membership is removed from the publication or the publication period can be extended by the membership renewal process of the member. Membership extension fees are the same as package fees. Members who prefer can exchange packages during the extension process. Package Upgrades made within the first 3 months are made by paying the differences in package prices, package changes to be made within 3 to 9 months are charged with half the price of the package to be passed, 9 . Package upgrades to be made after the month pay a fee equal to the package price to be passed. Under the bio application service, each member can share their personal resume, pictures and video in accordance with their package. It cannot publish 3rd party content under its own membership. The accuracy and timeliness of the contents is the responsibility of the member.  reserves the right to terminate the content publication or membership when it detects a situation that does not reflect the truth about the content. Shared content must not be criminalized under existing laws. Profanity should not contain words that represent political and ideological views that are offensive to other members/persons and contrary to the law. Such memberships will be unpublished by No refunds will be given for unpublished memberships. BUKİMDİR.NET does not guarantee that the content published on the site will not be copied and used by other members. BUKİMDİR.NET can use the infrastructure of 3rd party video publishing sites such as Youtube from the infrastructure of the video publishing feature. In the option to take place in search engines, the performance of appearing in the top of the search results may vary according to the name and surname of the member and the current status of the search engines.

Responsibility for Copyright and Content All biographies and articles outside the biography submission service are prepared by editors. You can create any bio and article you want on your site, "Source:" format. reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings against those who use the document without citing the source. If you intend to use more than 10 biographies or articles in bulk on your site, please contact us on the contact form. While using the Biography application service, the Member accepts and undertakes from the beginning to comply with and not to violate the provisions of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works, the Trademark Law, the Turkish Commercial Code, the Law on the Protection of Patent Rights, the Turkish Criminal Code and other relevant legislation. Otherwise, all legal and criminal liabilities arising will bind the member completely and exclusively. In addition, any ideas, thoughts, visual and audio media representations, written, posted, expressed on the are the personal opinions of the sending member, or the sender acknowledges that all copyrighted and legal responsibility for the content is on him. has no responsibility for the damages that may be incurred by third parties and institutions due to the opinions and opinions that the member or visitors will express on the and for the damages that may arise from the actions and actions of third parties that may be incurred by the members and visitors during the use of the services.

Competent Courts and Enforcement Offices

Istanbul Central Courts and Istanbul Enforcement Offices are authorized in disputes related to the Terms of Use.

Acceptance of the specification visitors or members of the website are deemed to have read these "Terms of Use" and accepted all their terms and consequences. This contract enters into force between the parties indefinitely.


The Site reserves the right to terminate the membership without prior notice when a situation separate from the terms of use is detected , may terminate this agreement at any time.

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